The Science of CRC


The Science of CRC focuses on increasing global public awareness of colorectal cancer (CRC), the role of angiogenesis (new blood vessel growth) in CRC, and the importance of antiangiogenic treatments for patients with metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC).


The Angiogenesis Foundation built this resource to provide accurate, easy to understand, and useful information about the evidence supporting antiangiogenic therapy for mCRC. We believe everyone affected by mCRC can be empowered with knowledge of relevant treatments, and the practical steps they can take to fight cancer.

Use this resource to learn:


  • Why early detection of CRC is vital
  • CRC’s impact on quality of life
  • How CRC develops through angiogenesis
  • Impact of antiangiogenic therapy for treating mCRC
  • Specific antiangiogenic treatments, their benefits, side effects, and data supporting their use for mCRC
  • Summary of major clinical trials for mCRC treatments
  • References
  • Links to other useful resources on mCRC

The Angiogenesis Foundation

The Angiogenesis Foundation is the world’s first nonprofit organization dedicated to conquering disease using a groundbreaking approach based on angiogenesis, the growth of new capillary blood vessels in the body. Angiogenesis is the “common denominator” in health, including diseases such as colorectal cancer.


The Foundation is the recognized authority, championing new developments in antiangiogenic medicine. We share this expertise to endow the public with important knowledge about their health. Understanding the science behind CRC and its treatment guides patients, their advocates, and doctors to understand the consequences of complacency and the need for evidence-based, proactive care and regularized treatments.


Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts and founded in 1994, the Angiogenesis Foundation’s goal is to help people lead healthier, longer lives by restoring balance to blood vessel growth. Through research, education, and advocacy—with patients, physicians, researchers, industry, payers and government—we enable patients to gain access to safe and effective treatments for cancer, vision loss disorders, wound healing complications and many other serious diseases.


As a scientific organization, the Angiogenesis Foundation is independent of any individual, institution, or commercial entity. We are committed to helping people around the world benefit from the full promise of angiogenesis-based medicine, and to make life-, limb-, and vision-saving treatments available to everyone in need.

Our Mission

The mission of the Angiogenesis Foundation is to improve health globally, through education and advocacy, and empower patients to take an active role in fighting cancer. We work with cancer patients, their advocates and healthcare providers around the world to disseminate knowledge about antiangiogenic treatments for CRC in order to improve patient outcomes.

This website will guide you, as a patient with CRC, in understanding your condition. Know how to play an active role in choosing the best treatment options.

Take Action

This Science of CRC resource empowers you to take the necessary steps for understanding your condition and for seeking the best treatment options:

  • LEARN about CRC and treatment options.
  • SEEK the right treatment with the help of your doctors.
  • SHARE knowledge about the condition and the importance of early treatment.